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Purpose of the company

- The establishment, operation and management of tourist projects from tourist villages,hotels, motels, apartments and hotel suites of not less than three stars and complementary activities or related to the mentioned service activities, Sports,recreational,

commercial and cultural such as ( cinema, shops, Sports clubs, gardens, parks).

- Establishing, operating and managing all types of industrial projects.

- Establishment, operation and management of integrated Nile berths for the operation and security of tourism.

- The establishment, operation and management of specialized, integrated or public hospitals and their internal therapeutic or medical activities.

- Establishment, operation and management of ships and Nile vessels and the development and beautification of the Nile coast.

- The ownership, development, management, establishment, sale and purchase of real estate and land of all kinds, and the division of land and licenses and the establishment of real estate projects on them and disposed of by selling or renting.

- Establish schools not exceeding secondary education.

- Establishment of residential projects, administrative offices and commercial units.