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The company's activity and its purpose

The company’s activity and its purpose

-The establishment and operation and management of tourism projects of tourist villages, hotels and motels, apartments and suites level of not less than three stars and complementary activities or associated with said activities of service and recreational, commercial and , commercial and cultural(such as cinema-shops-Clubs business-Gardens-Recreation).

-The establishment, operation and management of all types of industrial projects.

-The establishment, operation and management of Nile anchors integrated services needed to run the tourist and secured.

-The establishment and operation of management and specialized hospitals, integrated or public and left untouched activities, indoor or medical treatment.

– The establishment, operation and management of Nile ships and vessels develop and beautify the Nile Beach.

-Ownership and development, management and sale of land and real estate in Cairo(Maspero Triangle area and other regions).

-The establishment of schools, including no more than secondary education.

-The establishment of housing projects and administrative offices and business units.

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