Chairmans speech and Managing Director

I have the honor to chair Maspero for Urban Development, which was established in 2006 as one of the pioneers of real estate development in Egypt, to be one of the leading companies in the field of real estate investment and tourism, and to provide a distinguished level of service with credibility and high quality to keep the best recognition and respect for its clients.

The land of the Maspero Triangle, where the name of the company is derived from that region, which is one of the most beautiful and richest parts of the world in terms of location and status and its visibility on the Nile River immortal.

The company has developed within its strategic plan integration with the public sector, Civil development in the various areas of the country. Initially, the company acquired spaces within the area of Maspero Triangle and jointly with the State in the development of the general strategic plan and the urban design and development in proportion to its spatial and economic value and considering that area as the economic center of Greater Cairo and the establishment of an administrative tourism center Level.

Since its establishment, the company has been keen to diversify its investments in the area of ?? the Maspero Triangle and beyond. The start of its real estate projects (cairo Gardens) in the 6th of October City and its second projects in the same city and owned by the real estate within the residential complex (Compound Ishraqa) Of the new 6th of October City to establish villas in the neighborhood of Abu Town, which is one of the finest residential revival in the city. It was possible through the strategy prepared to read the future of the company through the start of the implementation of the national project in the Triangle Maspero in coordination with the organs of the state, and the implementation of real estate projects that achieve the highest investment return for the company.

We must commend the support of the shareholders of the company, the pillars of the national economy in supporting the company in the implementation of the state plan in all areas.

Ibrahim mohamed Sadek
Chairman of the Board and Managing Director

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