Maspero Triangle Project

The area of  Maspero triangle is located along the parallel strip of Nile Corniche between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Radio and Television Building and the Ramses Hilton Hotel. The total area is about 75 acres, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,the Radio and Television Building and the Italian consulate where the development of an area of 50 acres is planned. Maspero is a national project in the development of slums and integration with the development project of Cairo Khidawi and aims to:

- Developing the heart of the capital and improving the lives of approximately 20 thousand inhabitants of the region, where an agreement was reached with the landlords that the state get an appropriate percentage in return for giving them the opportunity and the right to build or invest in the region

- The development of the area is expected to take about 3 to 5 years.

- It was agreed that the role of the government will be limited to the construction of housing units for the owners, while the owners will be free to sell or invest their land as they wish, while complying with the general plan of the project, which will start the development work for the region as of January 2019.

- The division of the area is divided into plots of land, some of which are allocated for the construction of a residential area for citizens. The rest of the plots will be developed on one of the tracks, one of which is leisure, tourism and the other residential and commercial, with the establishment of an underground garage under the footpaths. The buildings will be designed in line with Cairos Khedive architecture,Abdel Moneim Riad as the link between Cairo Khedive and the triangle Maspero .

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