Members Of Management Board

The companys management consists of a board of directors composed of (9) members appointed through the General Assembly as follows:

Banque Misr

1- Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Sadiq - Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director.

2- Mr. Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ali - General Manager of the financial sector.

3. Mr.Adel  Abd El-moniem Farag – the legal Administration.

The National Bank of Egypt

1- Mr. Saeed Abdul Moneim Al-Qaii, Deputy General Manager of Investment Sector

2 - Mr. Salah Abd El-moiem Hassanin – Depaty Director Of The Invesment Sector.

3 - Mr. Mohamed Ramdan Abd El-aziz  - Director General of the tribal region.

Misr Insurance Company

1 - Mr. Ahmed Mohy Eldin Maghed – Manging Director.

2 - Mr. Sadiq Abdelhamid Sadek - Head of Marketing.

Misr Life Insurance Company

1- Mr. Gomaa Rizk Abbas – Sector Head In The Chairmans Office  .

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