UP Town Project

The company owns 40 plots of residential land with a surface area of  622 m per piece in Up Town in the 6th of October City as part of the detailed plan approved by the New Urban Communities Authority. Among the advantages and investment opportunities for the land owned by the company are the following:

- The neighborhood is located in the heart of the new 6th of October City, "and includes distinct residential areas planned by international standards with an area of 620 meters.

- The area on an area of 1.5 million square meters and at an altitude of 80 meters above sea level, the neighborhood is the most luxurious housing "deluxe" with a building rate of 38.5% and the height of the ground and two floors and Roof.

- The neighborhood is strategically located! Where it is easily accessible from within the city of 6 October from the main axes of the city and all parts of the Republic by linking it to the central ring road linking the new cities in different regions of Egypt and near the 6th October International Airport.

- The neighborhood is located on the most important interchange station is the Monorail station linking West Egypt to the east and the express train station from Al Ain Sokhna and the administrative capital, through the station of the new downtown "October" to the station of the new city of El Alamein as well as the rapid transit station that will connect Africa to the Mediterranean Sea This is considered the most important axis to connect Egypt from the Mediterranean Sea of the Red Sea and from southern Egypt "Upper Egypt" to its north, "Alexandria".

- The neighborhoods of the 6th of October City have a number of land allocated for nurseries, schools, health care centers, religious facilities,parks and shopping centers.

- up towen 6 October neighborhood houses some 120,000 people by providing a range of integrated residential and service facilities

- The project benefits from its average position among the main axes,points of contact and communication between the fourth generation cities and development hubs in Egypt and its height above sea level,which makes its atmosphere cooler and more moderate in all seasons of the year .

It is located on the green river of the city and it is the largest service center such as what is being implemented in the new administrative capital. The eastern location is located on the middle ring road and the circular axis connecting 6th Of October City .

- Located in a unique location in the 6th of October City, the latest of the fourth generation cities which rely on the use of clean energy,technology and planning with modern international standards. City Center New October City - Uptown new october .

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